Meet the Makers

We already knew that shopping for clothes online was broken, so did the retailers, but now the shopper also knows. We´re here to fix it.

Our Story

We're a diverse group of friends who have lived and worked all over the world. Different nationalities, backgrounds, ages, and… body types. 

As avid online shoppers, in general, we see more convenience in buying online in all categories, from groceries to furniture. 

There is only one thing that gives us more hassle to purchase online than offline: clothes! 🤨

We can't be sure of how something will fit us, that leads to a lot of hassle with returning orders and long waits between deliveries can be very frustrating. 

Who hasn't kept clothes bought online just to avoid returning them?

So here we are, building the first realistic online fitting that will create the new "Digital Try-On Clothes" solution for online retailers.

We will be sharing our journey on our blog.

 Join 👇 us if you want to be the first to “Try-On Clothes Online" #Alice´s style!

This us and we´re Hiring!

We are a #AlphaStartup at WebSummit 2021, Nov 4. We´ll be there waiting for you. Please stop by and say hi!

  • 6
    Sofia Silva
  • 2
    João Baroni
    Co-Founder | CRO
  • 4
    Pedro Nogueira
    Co-Founder | Strategy
  • 1
    Margarida Lima
    Co-Founder | R&D
  • Fotos founders (2)
    Thiago Paciulli
    Co- Founder | CFO

Alice´s Monthly Update

Join our mainling list if you want to follow our journey. Our monthly roundup will include the try, the fitting and the ugly. 

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